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The Donald recruits for ISIS and does not speak for America.
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"When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot , come in & out, especially for reasons of safety &.security - big trouble!"

No, Donald, it is not the country who said it, but a spoiled little rich boy not used to being held to the law of the land.

How many Federal Judges does it take to teach you the law?

It is time for you to learn that Federal Employees have a legal and moral obligation to uphold the Constitution, not the childish rantings of The Donald.
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I can't believe that the anger actually seemed to grow today. If I doubted my feelings that it was in the air, it sure as hell seemed to be confirmed today.

Everything just screamed angry.

Hopefully the world will take the coming weekend off. Have a drink. Take a pill and just chill.

But they'll probably just come out swinging on MON.

A power failure at Twitter wouldn't be a bad thing. :)


Jan. 25th, 2017 07:39 pm
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I suppose I really should jump in here and start saying something.

If 2016 ended in disbelief and depression, 2017 is definitely the year of hate.

Yes, there was plenty of vitriol to go around last year, but this year it is magnified beyond belief. I have seen many moods that permeate a year and 2017 is not just a year of hate but the year of hate.

Wherever you turn, you can just feel the hatred in the air. Whether you are on the side of the victorious or the vanquished the atmosphere is just charged with animosity. Soul shriveling, overwhelming animosity.

It is going to be a very long year.

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