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I will admit to a long dislike for Donald Trump dating far back before his entry into politics.

I remember back when he was arrogantly defaulting on loans, a time when he could have/should have been brought down because, in his own mind, he was "Too Big To Fail" and thought himself above the law. That was 4 bankruptcies ago.

If Wall Street brought us to the brink of collapse with that TBTF mentality, The Donald was way ahead of them. Read this and Read this

Remember that in his bankruptcies, it was always the "Company", not the Donald that filed. The Donald always personally made money and came out on top.

Looking at the brash assaults on what used to be Our America coming from the Oval Office these days as the Donald runs us like a company, I can only wonder when the 5th Bankruptcy will be us.

As the Donald moves to deny the Freedoms and Justice that once was the heritage of America, I fear the "Fifth Bankruptcy" will go down in history as our legacy along side Nazi Germany's "Third Reich"

The Wall

Jan. 26th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Ok... I'm confused here.

According to one news site The Donald "could pay for a wall on the southern border with a new 20 percent tax on goods from Mexico, the White House said on Thursday."

Another alternative fact?

Let's see. The claim is that the Mexicans are going to pay for the wall. Now it seems to me if there is to be a 20% tax on goods from Mexico, it is going to be Americans who are going to be paying for the Wall through higher prices.

Even if you are one of those who feels the Wall is a good idea, how do you make sense of the Donald's logic?

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